Frequent questions

You can buy the card online, and at the points of sale in Piazza Duomo (across from the cathedral) and Piazza Cahen (next to the funicular), at the ticket offices of all the museums and monuments included in the card and the affiliated structures.

The card is valid for a year from the issue date. 

The Carta Unica can be passed on to someone else who can then use the unused admissions. Obviously in the case of a reduced card, the new user must have the same qualifications (student, over 60, etc.).

Included are admissions and visits to the museums and monuments listed in the card, where indicated skipping to the head-of-the line services are guaranteed, as well as discounts and reductions in the affiliated structures. Reservations for the individual museums are not included. They must be requested directly at the structure, and all the services not mentioned (personal guides, audio guides, workshops, tastings) are also excluded.

The card can be salvaged by inserting the email on which you registered, following the instructions on the sales platform.

Although all the museums and monuments included in the Card can be visited in just one day, Orvieto, capital of the international Città Slow network, must be visited without haste, making the most of the various experiences offered by the monuments, churches, museums, medieval quarter, shops … This is why we suggest that you stay in Orvieto at least for a weekend, making the most of the preferential treatment guaranteed by the Carta Unica for lodgings in hotels, bed and breakfast or vacation homes.

Orvieto is a city, but is no larger than a village, so there’s a lot to see in a limited amount of space. There are the museums and monuments listed in the Carta Unica, then the many churches with their treasures of art and tradition. In addition to Piazza Duomo the other piazzas, Piazza del Popolo, della Repubblica and XXIX Marzo, shouldn’t be overlooked. The fortezza Albornoz and the remains of the Etruscan Belvedere temple on the east end and the enchanting medieval quarter on the west complete your visit of the city center. The PAAAO ring walk, that embraces the whole cliff, is the ideal place for a walk accompanied by almost thirty centuries of history. Then there is the territory itself with one village after another and absolutely beautiful varied natural aspects.

Any time is the right time to come to Orvieto, a city that is alive and offers unique experiences in every season. Obviously for the principal events the city is buzzing with life more than ever, beginning with the weekend of San Valentino and in the city’s underground areas, to the events of spring, and then the period between Pentecost and Corpus Domini, when the city once more finds itself living in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The Orvieto summer can be surprising, with time-honored and new events each year, and with a wealth of festivals and   traditional appointments in the surrounding territory. Christmas is characterized by its unique manger scenes and events for grown ups and for children, culminating in the famous musical kermes of Umbria Jazz Winter. For an updated calendar of the events go to LiveOrvieto.

The surroundings of Orvieto, wedged in between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, offer the best of Tuscia, with picturesque villages and uncontaminated territory. To get an idea of the beauty of the territory and organize your experience, go to LiveOrvieto for inspiration. It won’t be hard to work out an itinerary that will live up to your expectations.

Nothing in particular is required to visit the city and its monuments. However, since some of them have stairs, or are underground or open-air, good advice says wear comfortable shoes.

Reservations are not required except for the guided tours of Orvieto Underground. It is however a good idea to make reservations in the high tourist season, or organize your visit in line with the opening hours of the individual monuments.

The best way to keep updated on everything going on in the city and the territory is undoubtedly the LiveOrvieto site.